Bomb Sent To German Bank

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    If we have a " copycat occurrence " here, the powers that be, and the OWS gang will attempt to prove without a doubt...the ( you fill in ) did it.

    NYPD Puts Local Banks on Alert After Letter Bomb Found in Germany

    Published December 07, 2011


    The New York Police Department warned local banks to bolster mailroom security Wednesday after a package bomb was intercepted in Frankfurt, Germany, sent to the CEO of Deutsche Bank with the return address of the European Central Bank's headquarters located blocks away.

    Paul J. Browne, the NYPD's deputy commissioner of public information, told that additional police officers were deployed to Deutsche Bank locations throughout the city to exercise "an abundance of caution," after the device, which was made of explosives and shrapnel, was found in the mailroom of Deutsche Bank's headquarters in Germany.

    It was unclear where the package originated, but the construction of the device is evidence that it was not sophisticated, sources say. The bank would only confirm that a suspicious envelope was sent to the company and “the relevant unit of the bank informed the police.”

    The letter was addressed to CEO Josef Ackermann, Fox News reported. Ackermann has played a key role in resolving Europe’s financial crisis and has been an advisor to German Chancellor Angela Merkel.

    U.S. officials said there are no strong leads, but named three possible scenarios, including Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula, the group behind last year’s cargo printer bombs. Authorities are also looking into Iran’s recent threat to U.S. troops stationed in Germany. There is also a chance the package was sent by a lone wolf group.

    I can see al qaeda or iran wanting to bomb to a lot of places, but a bank?
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    smell's like the ayer's crowd

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