bore rust and accuracy

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    I've been told by dealers that unless a muzzleloader's bore is quite badly rusted, accuracy shouldn't suffer much. In other words if you can run a patch down the bore and it doesn't snag or tear, they should still be fairly accurate. If the rust tears a patch that's pretty rusty. Any opinions?

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    Hiya ldrelitz and welcome to the Firearms Forum. I'm no expert on M/L's but I can tell you I've heard some night-mare stories of M/L's not being cleaned properly and rusting completely closed. I would say if you can get a patch through it with out tearing you're ready to go. There's nothing like a good hot bath and a good lube after shooting.


    P.S. Clean your M/L too

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    Welcome to the board. Any rust in a bore will effect accuracy. The ML could still be accurate enough for hunting but if your a target shooter, you will never get tight groups.