Boudreaux & Thibodaux

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    Boudreaux and Thibodaux were fishing one day on da bayou.

    Boudreaux say "Hay Thibodaux let me use your lighter to light my ceegar". Thibodaux hands him a 10" bic. "Man Thibodaux where you get a lighter like dat"?.

    Thibodaux say "well you see i gots a geenee". "Come on man, dont be fooling me" says Boudreaux

    "No for shore I got em in my lunch box, in fact you can open it up and have one wish from him".

    "FOr shore Thibadaux"? "Yea, Boudreaux you my best friend, go ahead".
    So Boudreaux opens the lunch box and the geenee pops out. The geenee says i can give you one wish Boudreaux what will it be?

    "Well" says Boudreaux "I want a million bucks"

    The geenee says ok here it comes.

    All of a sudden the sky turns black and everwhere you look there are ducks. They are flying and crapping on them and all over the boat. They are landing in the water, in the boat, on their heads and the fishing trip is ruined. Boudreaux turns to Thibadaux and says " I think yo geenee has a hearing problem". Thibadaux says I think so too, you dont think i wished for a 10" bic do you?
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    :lmao2: Made my day!

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