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Bought some old Remington scopes

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Anybody know about these scopes? One is a 20XBR and the other 2 are 24XBR.

I am new to the forum, but lurk a little from time to time.
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I sure was hoping that somebody had had one and both knew about them and maybe a value.
According to Nick Stroebel's "Old Rifle Scopes" they were introduced @1969 and not made for very long thus being scarce. The value in his book is shown as 300 to 500. His book was published in 2000 so that value is out of date in all probability. You have the two versions that were made, 20X and 24X. With the mounts. These would interest a Remington collector or a bench rest shooter or collector.

I have no personal experience with them and wasn't aware Remington made any scopes until I looked these up.
I guess something ate my reply. I did find a limited amount of them were made in the Custom Shop. They are not suitable for present Benchrest. They are too heavy and the optics have not enough power. I believe they may be more suitable for collectors.
Thanks for your help Steve. I wasn't aware of the scope person or book that you mentioned.
I decided I might need that book. Ordered it awhile ago.
At the time, they were made to help fit a weight class. I was not aware that they were "out of date," but I have not followed bench rest for many years. Just in the last year or two, someone was looking for a scope to go with a rifle from that period, and he thought that a Remington was too expensive or hard to find or both. Probably if you Google "remington benchrest scope," you will get an idea of whether or not that is true.
I have been shooting benchrest for over 20 yrs and have never seen that type scope used. These came from the private stash of Jim Stekl. He is a retired Remington engineer and a protege of Mike Walker. When I started every body used 36X B&L or 36X Leupold. Weaver came out with a 36X. Now you have the choice of 35X, 40X, or 45X Leupolds on a 30MM tube. March scopes have offered 40X-50X scopes for BR. They are top of the line. They are in the $2000 range.
Hopefully I'll learn more when the old scope book gets here.
Thanks for all the help.
Remington made 1100 Bench Rest scopes in their custom shop back in the sixties or seventies. They were designed by the legendary Mike Walker. The early ones used Unertl rings.

I would love to own one for a Remington 540XR rifle I own, it has the correct drill and tap for these scope mounts.
It appears that one of mine has the Unertl rings.
Gun Digest in 1970 has a spread on these scope, as they were then new.


1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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