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    For those of you with boys in the Boy Scouts, you might be interested to know that the NRA sponsors a postal match for the BSA.

    You'll need Adobe Acrobat Reader to view this file. If you don't have it, I pasted it below, but you'll have to get out your decoder rings as it comes out kinda funky...

    NRA/BSA Camp Smallbore Rifle and Air Rifle
    Postal Match
    In cooperation with the Boy Scouts of America,
    the NRA has established a series of Smallbore
    and Air Rifle postal matches. The matches will be
    fired on a weekly basis up to 8 weeks. Each
    week an incoming group of campers will have an
    opportunity to enter the match for that week.
    Categ Categories ories
    Competitors will enter only one of the following
    categories (ages as of December 27):
    Junior unior unior:: :: : 1st year campers (age limit 13)
    Senior Senior:: :: : 2nd or 3rd year campers (age limit 17)
    Firing Dates
    The matches will be fired on a weekly basis and
    will be season long — up to 8 weeks. Each
    incoming group of campers will have the
    opportunity to enter the match for that week.
    Entr Entry y Closing Date
    All targets must be submitted to the NRA
    headquarters with any unused labels, postmarked
    no later than September 16.
    Entr Entry y F Fee ee P Per er Camp
     4 weeks or less (total fee): $30.00
     5 or more weeks (total fee): $40.00
    (This includes entry for both junior and senior
    shooters for the specified number of weeks).
    Match Conditions
    Eye and ear protection are recommended during
    the matches.
    For all conditions not covered in this program, current
    NRA Smallbore Rifle Rules (#CR16750) and the NRA
    Sporter Air Rifle Position Rules (#CA16320) will
    govern in these postal matches. Rule books may be
    ordered by calling NRA sales at (800) 336-7402.
    Smallbor Smallbore e Rifle: .22 caliber rimfire rifles will be used.
    Air Rifle: .177 caliber air rifles will be used.
    Targets argets
    A-17 rifle targets are required for the Smallbore
    match. Use the AR-5/10 targets for the Air Rifle
    match. Target acquisition is the responsibility of the
    competitor. NRA official targets are required. Official
    postal target stickers will be provided by the NRA and
    must be placed on the back of each target behind the
    #1 Bull before firing. Targets without these stickers
    will not be scored. Targets may be purchased locally.
    For a list of target manufacturers, contact the NRA
    Postal Program Coordinator at (703) 267-1482.
    Courses of Fir Fire
    Smallbor Smallbore e Rifle:
     Outdoor range at 50 feet
     Seniors: 20 shots prone (weekly)
     Juniors: 10 shots prone (weekly)
    Air Rifle:
     Outdoor range at 10 meters (33 feet)
     Seniors: 20 shots prone (weekly)
     Juniors: 10 shots prone (weekly)
    Scoring will be conducted by the sponsoring camp.
    Final review will be conducted by the NRA.
    All firing must be done on an approved Scout
    camp range under qualified supervision in
    accordance with BSA National Standard Camp
    Rating Plan.
    Awar war wards ds
    National Awar war wards: ds: A plaque will be awarded by
    the NRA to the top three scorers in each
    Camp Awar war wards: ds: A Camp Rifle Champion belt
    buckle will be awarded to the top scoring
    individual in each category from each participating
    camp at the conclusion of the camping season.
    Weekl eekl eekly Awar war wards: ds: NRA/BSA Camp Rifle
    Champion pins and certificates will be awarded
    immediately to the top scorers in each category at
    the end of each week of competitions by the
    sponsoring camp. These items will be furnished by
    the NRA.
    Note: To receive these awards, it is important that
    the shooter’s full name and address be placed on the
    back of each target and listed again on the score
    reporting sheet.
    Complete the entry form and return it to the
    NRA Competitive Shooting Division (see next page
    for address).
    NRA/BSA Camp Smallbore Rifle &
    Air Rifle Postal Match Entry Form
    NRA Competitiv Competitive e Shooting Division
    Postal ostal Pr Program ogram Coor Coordinator dinator
    11250 Waples ples Mill Road
    Fairfax, VA A 22030
    Check or mone money y or order der enclosed ❏
    Charge Cr Credit edit Car Card: d: ❏ Visa ❏ MasterCar MasterCard ❏ Disco Discover er ❏ American Expr Express ess
    Car Card d Expiration Date: ____________________
    Signatur Signature e of Car Card d Holder
    Postal ostal Match Entr Entry y Instructions:
    You may print out this entry form and send the completed form
    along with your check, money order, or credit card information
    to the address provided.
    For or Mor More e Inf Information... ormation...
    Contact the NRA’ NRA’s s P Postal ostal Coor Coordinator dinator at:
    National Rifle Association
    ATTN: TTN: Competitiv Competitive e Shooting Division/P Postal ostal Pr Programs ograms
    11250 Waples ples Mill Road
    Fairfax, VA A 22030
    Phone: (703) 267-1482
    Web: eb: www
    Name: __________________________________________________
    Ad Addr dr dress: ess: ________________________________________________
    City: __________________________________________________
    State: __________________ Zip: ____________________________
    Age: ___________________________________________________
    Phone Number Number:: :: : __________________________________________
    E-Mail Ad Addr dr dress: ess: __________________________________________
    Check course of fir fire: e: ❏ Air Rifle OR ❏ Smallbor Smallbore e Rifle
    Number of Weeks: eeks: ______________
    (4 w weeks eeks or less: $30.00  5 w weeks eeks or mor more: e: $40.00)
    TOTAL AL ENCLOSED: $_________________
    It’ It’s s easy to get star started... ted...
    The NRA Guide to Competitive Shooting
    Pr Progr gr grams ams (item #CT19710) contains
    information on all of NRA’s competitive
    shooting opportunities.
    The NRA Smallbor Smallbore e Rifle Rule Book (item
    #CR16750) and the NRA Spor Sporter ter Air Rifle
    Position osition Rules (#CA16320) provide you
    with the information and rules governing
    these postal matches.
    Call the NRA Sales Department at (800)
    336-7402, to order your copies today! Or,
    visit the NRA Online Store at
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    Thanks for the info, Gunnfixr!

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