Braille Frags (Grenades)

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    Braille Frags (Grenades)
    Actually saw this occur several times during combat in the darkness of the night.....

    So ya got your hole dug and your all set for them little people in them black pajamas ..... No! Not the kind with the little footsies in them either .....

    To come a sneakin' through the bushes .....

    Just before nightfall ya get your gear all ready and like an armchair quarterback you have everything within reach and your settled in and waitin' .....

    But this is not a football game nor is it a GAME period cause you won't be reachin for a cold beer, a pack of smokes or some chips and dip on this one ..... But rather items that may save your patootie here. Weapon, ammo, frags whatever .....

    Now our ingenious military at the time had the M26 fragmentation grenade and an illumination grenade as well that resembled the M26 to a definate "T". There was only one definate way to tell which was which if you were to pick one up in the middle of the pitch black jungles of Vietnam.

    One of them had a small lip at the bottom and the other did not ..... AND ..... You had better know which one you had for whatever the case may have been at that particular time in the bushes. I believe the maximum effective killing range of the M26 was approximately 30 meters in diameter so ya gotta make sure to give her the ole' heave ho when ya let the spoon fly.

    The illumination grenade on the other hand did'nt have much at all to it and was simply designed to provide illumination at a close range so you could hopefully see what was about to nail your hiney. Most of them were tossed at an extremely close distance to your location as soon as ya heard somethin' thrashin' through the weeds. When ya took a peek then ..... you had some light for a change.

    So then ..... Ya got this strange noise right out in front of your hole but ya can't see shit ... nothin' ... nada! I know ..... How about we toss an illum frag out front and light the place up. Not a bad idea .... Been there ... Done that!

    So you reach down and snatch one up withouth thinkin' to feel the bottom and pull the pin ..... Ya kinda ease up a little bit and gently toss this thing out in front of ya about 10 meters where the noise seems to be coming from. The seconds are tickin' away as you ease your head upward just enough to get a glimpse when this thing goes off ......


    You ain't blinded by the light but rather by them itty bitty fragments that just raked across your forhead and eyeballs. Your definatley gettin' medivaced on this one. What you thought was an illumination frag was indeed just the opposite and that of the famed M26 and you practically stuck your face right up in this one.

    Best get to learnin' Braille cause you are more than likely going to need it unless you got some of the bigger chunks that may have trashed your entire face or took off part of your head. In any case ..........

    It did'nt take us long to have our own Braille course on the difference between the frags in the dark of the night.

    Which one is which you ask?

    Just close your eyes and feel the bottoms .......

    Six Out!

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    Re: Braille Frags (Grenades)
    Friggin Frags!
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    Re: Braille Frags (Grenades)
    YUP! If ya tossed the wrong one it was definately an "eye opener" ..... Literally :) Six Out!

    "What more can I say ..... I was at the wrong place at the wrong time"