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(1/13/02 7:12:23 pm)
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I was lurking another forum a while ago and those guys are discussing how to tell the difference between 6.5 X 55, 7.5 X 54mm that had been made from the same brass. Some of those guys FILE knotches in the rim, use dyes, magic markers etc. It it just me, or can anyone who knows a little about such things, easily tell the difference between 6.5mm and 30 cal?

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(1/15/02 10:50:42 pm)
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Boy, for safety sake, I'd say the best way is a set of calipers or a micrometer. Now the difference between 6.5 and .308 you should be able to eyeball. but 7.5 and .308 that is a different story.

Remember safety first!
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