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Brass Price Question

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In the process of buying inventory of small reloading shop owned by an old friend that has a terminal condition.Will have paid off by Feb21st..Included are approx 250 brand new .50-TZZ80 headstamp and approx 275 .35 Whelen brass-new in bag Remington.Am looking to sell at that time-what are they really worth versus hysteria pricing.NOT looking to ripoff,just a fair price.
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try a search for that brass online and average the prices, paying attention if any are in differing geographical / economical areas.
Is the .50 BMG brass primed ? You say it's NEW ? From my experience, NEW, PRIMED brass for the .50 BMG usually sells betweem $2 and $3.25 each. I have seen it higher and lower, but that is the most common price range. If it's once fired, the price will be about half. When you get it, let me know- I might be interested in it. Are there any .50 cal bullets ?

I don't have a .35 whelen anymore, so I'd be blowin' smoke if I said anything about it.
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