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    Obama wins the Heisman Trophy after watching a college football game !!!
    > His name was submitted for the award by George Soros just moments before
    > Obama actually watched part of a game on television aboard Air Force
    > One.
    > Obama learned about the Heisman while travelling to accept an Academy
    > Award for his appearances in post-election campaign ads.
    > Obama said: "I will accept the Heisman trophy in the name of all the
    > minority players who are being denied the opportunity to play college
    > football simply because of their grades, lack of ability or
    > incarceration ".
    > The White House also announced today that Obama has reluctantly been
    > persuaded by his staff and the ACLU to present himself with the
    > Presidential Medal Of Freedom for the outstanding deeds he hopes to
    > accomplish sometime in the future. A decision on his Congressional Medal
    > of Honor has been temporarily sidetracked because of minor technical
    > issues concerning eligibility.
    > In the meantime, decisions on the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, as well
    > as the economy, have been delayed indefinitely due to the president's
    > busy schedule of public appearances. When asked what involvement he will
    > have in the healthcare bill named in his honor, Obama replied: I will
    > probably vote
    > "Present".
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    Very accurate and well written article. After that, he will cure all disease, and feed all the worlds' poor with a loaf of bread.

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