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was working on some 222rem last night. was noticing some were hard to resize. these were fired from my rem 700 boltgun... and were 1x fired brass.. prvi, etc.

about 20 rnds in, I pulled down and 2 sides of the rim came off :(

I rotated the die to get the shell holder ont he other 2 sides of the rim to see if I could get luck and coax it out... nope..

pulled decap rod.. got the rod and the pin but not the lil comp nut that holds the pin into the end of the rod ( herters die set ). put die in freezer while I thought about the issue.. then remembered and dug around remembering i had bought one of those rcbs 'OOPS!' kits.

drill bit, 1/4-20 tap, spacer and hard 1/4-20 screw with alan drive, and an alan wrench.

drilled out the primer pocket and hole, clean thru, tapped for 1/4-20.. put the spacer on and screw in, snugged up.. gave a lil grunt onthe wris and the shell popped right out of the die. :) nice when something works.

used a lil drift made from a nail to drive the decap pin tension nut out of the neck. did a few more cases and called it a night.

I had already sized and trimmed a bunch of 303, 3006 and 3030 previous to that..

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