Browning A5 20 gauge

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  1. wrigleyammo

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    Oct 8, 2010
    I have a Browning A5 20 Gauge and I would like to know what year it was manufactured and what the value of it is. S.N. 3Z64182 the gun came with a browning hard case with 2 barrels one is a full choke the other is a modafied choke the finish on it also has the original owners manual and a wooden plug it has an after market rubber recoil pad but I have the original recoil pad that says FN on it. The blueing on the gun and the barrels I would consinder 100% the finish on the wood is close to 100% also but there are a couple small impressions in the forend. The hard case is 95% and made by Browning. I have attached a link with a few pictures
  2. Hatch

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    Sep 24, 2010
    I have an A5 thats 12G, I called Remington and they told me it was made in the NY plant in 1923

    Go to and find their "contact us" number... the Brownings got adopted by Rem way back, there's some interesting reading if you do wikipedia searches on it.

    I've been shooting that 12g since I was 8 and I would say its seen thousands of rounds just from me!... finding out it was made in 1923 was a real treat! I have so much more respect for this shotgun and I love it just that much more knowing it's knocking down clay pigeons or doves and quail, just as much as it ever did for my dad, my great uncle and his father before him.

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