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OK, another has me stumped somewhat. I have recently acquired a Browning A5 twenty. I have checked the manual online and the serial number is not where it states it should be as far as I can determine. What I do have is as follows:

On the bottom of the receiver, between the forearm and where you load the magazine is the following; OZ centered on the guide assembly and directly under this marking are the numbers 37623, again, centered.

I have removed the barrel and found numerous markings with but one "maybe" serving as a serial number. Located directly on the left of the barrel is; Z32840

One side of the barrel (left side) Browning Arms Company St. Louis Montreal
One the left side of the barrel is Made in Belgium. Under that line of engraving is the line Special Steel-20 gauge-2 3/4 inch shells. Between that marking and the receiver are a few small numbers and markings I cannot really identify.

Also on the barrel are a few other barely recognizable numbers and markings that I do not know how to properly identify. one set is 154 followed by a symbol similar to but not exactly like an ampersand (&) doubled upon itself. In addition diectly on the bottom side of the barrel abount an inch and a half from the receiver is the number 2 printed 90 degrees off horizontal. 1/4 inch from the receiver is 1547 stamped along the barrel length with the numeral 7 located (also along the barrel in orientation) almost exactly between the number 2 and the numbers 1547 as they are described.

Due to the previous owners negligence, there is some minor rust beginning to form. What might be recommended to remove this damage. I will photo and send pics if you wish. I'm unsure if I can get a clear image but will try.


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The serial number on your Auto-5 Light Twenty is exactly as it should be.

It is broken down as follows;

0 = 1960
Z = Light Twenty
37623 = the sequential number made in that year.

Remove the rust with Kroil and fine mesh copper wool.

Bert H.
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