Browning Buckmark Safety.

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    Inspector Calahan SFPD
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    (3/17/03 8:36:54 am)
    Reply Browning Buckmark Safety.
    Hi All:

    Went to the gun store today and was checking out
    the Browning Buckmark. I really like the way it feels
    in the hand and all of the controls are in the
    right place.

    The only complaint that I have is the thumb safety
    is difficult to manipulate with the thumb to put it
    on. No problem thumbing it down. If the safety
    snicked on and off like a 1911, I would have
    bought it on the spot.

    Anyone know of a fix for this 'problem' with the
    Buckmark. Add on extension? Custom parts


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    *TFF Staff*
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    (3/17/03 9:02:33 am)
    Re: Browning Buckmark Safety.
    Bigboom338 fixed his when he first got it. I will send him an email and tell him to tell what he did.

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    (3/17/03 11:38:33 am)
    Reply Re: Browning Buckmark Safety.
    Why do you even need a safety ?
    I never use that. I keep my gun unloaded untill I fire it , no need for a safety.

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    (3/17/03 12:51:15 pm)
    Re: Browning Buckmark Safety.
    Just a friendly heads up

    There are a hundred reasons to use the safety on all firearms.

    It is a bit irresponsible to even suggest not using the safety features built into a gun. Please don't suggest that to anyone on TFF. Safety is the most important part of using a firearm. We cannot allow recomendations against safety on this site.

    The safety should be on at all times whether the gun is unloaded or not. The only time it should be taken off safe if to fire it.

    All guns should be treated as if they are loaded at all times.

    You must not hunt with your guns. It would be hard to hunt with an unloaded gun and then load it just before you fire. Also all shooting ranges require use of the safety on firearms.

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    (3/17/03 4:42:49 pm)
    Reply Re: Browning Buckmark Safety.
    Hi Inspector........welcome to TFF.

    Nice post, Piggy.

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    (3/17/03 10:59:52 pm)
    Reply Re: Browning Buckmark Safety.
    Calahan, my buckmark had a very stiff saftey when i bought it,some do some dont so check with a different dealer,but if you buy the one you looked at here's what i did.I diasembled the gun and took the saftey out (you need patience and a little time) after removing it I filed the button on the saftey lever down just a little bit and now it works smooth as silk. A word of caution though,do not file too much metal off or it will not secure in the indentation in the frame.Just curious but where are ya from?
    "Aim small miss small"

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    Inspector Calahan SFPD
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    Reply Re: Browning Buckmark Safety.

    Thanks for the info!

    I updated my personal information. Click on
    Inspector Calahan SFPD to check it out.


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    (3/19/03 1:28:47 pm)
    Reply Re: Browning Buckmark Safety.
    I wasn't suggesting anything.
    I only said that I don't use the safety on my pistol. I keep my gun in a locked case untill I'm at the range, then I unlock the case , load the gun and fire it. Whe I leave the range (unsually when I'm out of ammo) I put the gun unloaded back in the case and lock it. Then , when I'm home , I clean the gun , put a new pack of ammo in the case and lock it again.
    There is no need to put the safety on, for as far I see it. If there were young children living in my house , than I would put the safety on offcource. But there is nobody other then me that can acces my pistol.
    I know how to use my gun and how to use it safely. Here in Belgium if you want to own a gun , you need a licence , that licence can only be accuired if you proof you can safely handle a gun.
    BTW , I don't use my gun for hunting. If I did , I would use the safety for sure.

    When I made my comment , I wasn't indending to disrespect or offend anybody. I was only pointing out that I saw no need to use the safety on my pistol as it is never loaded untill right before I fire.

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    (3/20/03 7:24:47 am)
    I agree with weerwolf,

    i dont use my saftey either. in australia you need a licence aswell that requires you to have alot of saftey training. in australia hunting or personnel protection with handguns is illegal, so i use my handguns just for the range.
    when i want to shoot i load and shoot then unload and show safe (slide locked back or cylinder open).
    if i was to carry loaded i would put my saftey on for sure!!
    in australia i can hunt with rifles and shotguns and i do use the safteys on them though.

    isnt it "callahan" ?

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    Re: buckmark

    Please bear with me on this. For obvious reasons we cannot allow anyone on TFF to support or reccomend not using the safety.

    For all the training you have had I am surprised that none of it taught you to use the safety at all times.

    Now you guys know as well as I do that is is in the best interests of us all if safety is practiced at all times with firearms.

    If you guys want to start a thread about gun safety you are more than welcome to do that. However I am locking this one.
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