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    Writing for a guy that has a Browning Gold Hunter 12 G. Starting with a clean gun, after about 10 rounds the action becomes sluggish and ends up as a single shot. Different ammo does not change anything. When manually cycled, it is slow to close Replaced recoil spring with a more powerful one but this still happens. Any clues or fixes out there?
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    Did you clean the tube that the recoil spring resides in? They get really gummed up with fouling and gunk and it will cause a cycle issue. Also is this gun scoped? It may have a mount screw protruding though the reciver slightly and gets worse as the gun heats up.

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    There is no recoil spring in a Browning Gold. There is an action spring in a tube in the buttstock that powers the bolt forward, pushing against a linkage at the rear of the bolt. Is this the spring you replaced with a 'more powerful' one, and if so where did you get that spring? Spring length is critical for this application.

    Remove the buttstock. Drift out the action spring retainer pin (be careful, spring tension) and remove the action spring retainer, action spring, and action spring plunger to the rear. These are probably gunked up. Use a properly sized bore brush and solvent to clean the action spring tube.

    The action spring for the 3.5" is different from the 3". If this is a 3.5" gun, make sure you have the correct spring (if the gun was bought new, probably not an issue).
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    Here's a pic or two of one out of the Remington Sportsman
    (browning's pats.) that was giveing me
    some of the issues you descibed.
    It just needed a REAL good "cleaning" and solved the issue(s).

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