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I'm trying to help a friend find out more about their shotgun.
It's a Browning Magnum 20, blued with some filigree on the reciever. Wooden stock and fore grip, both are checkered.
Left side of barrel is marked Browning Arms Company Morgan Utah & Montreal P.Q. Made in Japan.
Right side is marked Browning Auto-5 **Special steel 20 ga. shells-3"-28". Browning Patents.
I don't see a marking telling me what choke the barrel is.
I have found no rust on the gun, anywhere. The blue finish is worn through a bit where the fore end has rubbed it. The wood is scratched some. (I'm sorry not to be able to give better descriptions, I'm not a pro.)

We'd like a ballpark idea of what these go for, and what choke it might be. The gun shoots fine.
Also, regular A5's (without a plug) hold 4 in the magazine, but this one just holds 2, whether or not 3" or 2 3/4" ammo is used. It doesn't have the key operated "plug" mentioned in the online A5 owner's manual I found.
Thanks for any info you give, regardless of whether I asked for it!
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