BSA Red-Dot Sights

Discussion in 'Technical Questions & Information' started by CountryGunsmith, Feb 23, 2003.

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    (2/8/02 12:52:28 pm)
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    How dependable are these sights. They are priced kind of low and I'm leary of laying out $40 bucks for a piece of junk.
    I'm looking to put it on a tactical 870 remington 12 ga.
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    (2/8/02 1:20:57 pm)
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    Don`t let price fool you. They are tough. Regards LTS

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    (2/21/02 10:11:57 pm)
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    Bought one for my CAR-15 and wasn't too pleased that it had a 5MOA (covered five inches at one hundred yards) so I took it off.

    Put it on my Ruger 10/22 for plinking and love it!

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    (2/22/02 4:24:42 pm)
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    I got one of the bad ones............put it on a revolver and got about 5 round off before the front optic started to crack in a neat but very nasty way. Sent it back to factory and they fixed it................yep!! Put it on an SKS then and got 5 or 6 more off before red dot went sailing up in top right hand corner. Just for giggles I adjusted the thing until the dot was in the middle again, pulled off 1 more and dot flew back to 1 o'clock position.

    Wrote factory and asked permission to send back for repairs, and never got a response. I ended up throwing it in the trash can. Will not buy a BSA again because of it.