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(3/12/02 9:56:49 pm)
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probably get the question alot. i want to get a .22 lr semi-auto clip feed rifle.

i am looking at the 10/22 and the Buck Mark.

if you were to compare the regular/target model of each amongst each other, which would you recommend? the browning, or the ruger?

i am leaning towards the Buck Mark, because it would require less "add ons" to make it into what i am looking for.

i plan to shoot at 40, 100 yards 150 max - not in competition - just for fun.

i do indeed know about the greatness of ruger, i have 3 of their guns! so besides ruger's track record, any help?

thanks in advance,


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(3/12/02 10:13:17 pm)
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Regular target, I might be able to help....but will need what you are speaking of. Regular or target?? Thanks LTS

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(3/13/02 6:41:17 am)
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you could compare the traget model of both, or the regular model of both.

i am refering to the gun as it comes from the factory, wih no add ons.

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(3/13/02 8:03:43 pm)
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GEEZ, talk about a can of worms.

There are Ruger lovers and Browning lovers.

Both are great guns, both designs originate from the invention of John Moses Browning of the blowback operated semi automatic.

The Ruger has many more after market parts offered.

The Browning Buckmarks come better equiped from the factory.

Get the one that appeals to you when you have it in hand.

I have been trying very hard to be impartial here but I just have to add the in my opinion the factory Buckmark will outshoot any factory Ruger .22

By the way welcome jasonr114
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(3/17/02 10:10:49 am)
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out of the box without tweaking the 10/22 has a trigger that's practically useless, don't know about the Browning but would expect better

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(4/18/02 10:16:03 pm)
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I never fired the Buckmark but isn't that the pistol made into a rifle vs a rifle.

I have 2 10/22s a standard version and a 10/22T factory with the Ruger hammer forged bull barrel and laminate stock it is balls on at 100 meters,I have not tried for 150 yet I love it,it has a good trigger and very smooth operation. With a good scope it is tough to beat. I added a bipod and use a bushnell scope.

The Ruger 10/22T is a good accurate 22 I woud not get rid of mine for nearly anything but that new one with the thumbhole stock.

See if you can try both out and compare, or at the very least handle both to see which one feels better for you. Some guns just seem right from the minute you pick it up. You may not be able to shoot out the eyes of a fly at 100 yards, as long as you have fun trying thats what counts.

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