buckmark malfunction?

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    Reply buckmark malfunction?

    I bought a new Browning Buckmark Camper 22LR pistol over the holidays. Very fun to shoot but, I am trying to figure out why it is malfunctioning. Here's the problem. When I shoot the last round in the clip, the stop open latch should automatically hold the slide open. It does NOT about 80% of the time. The gun does not jam, the slide just closes when it should stay open. Is the gun defective or is there a simple adjustment to be made?

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    Obviously its not right. Here's what I would do.
    Make sure the gun is empty but with clip installed pull the slide back slowly and watch for the latch to engage smoothly as the slide passses the latch.
    If it doesn't do that you may have a mechanical problem or the latch needs cleaning.
    Other possibilities. If the slide isn't lubricated and properly cleaned it may not travel far enough to the rear when the last round is fired.
    Another possibliity is the ammo. If it's standard velocity, try high velocity. If that works its possible after several rounds to break in the action it may work fine with any approved ammo. I certainly would return the gun if it continues to have this problem.
    Hope this helps. Bill

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    couldn't it also be the magazine? i've seen autoloaders that didn't like one of several magazines...

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    Re: buckmark malfunction?
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