Buckmark vs Ruger

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    I need some information from people that have owned both the Ruger rimfire pistols and the Browning Buckmark pistols. Which one has the best out of the box performance? (Accuracy, trigger and sight adjustment). I own a buckmark and love the way it shoots. I've shot my buddy's Rugers (MK II and 22/45) on several occasions. They seemed as accurate as the buckmark but the trigger wasn't as good as mine. I bought my buckmark well used so I'm not sure about it's out-of-the-box performance. Thanks.

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    Re: Buckmark vs Ruger
    I prefer the Buckmark. It comes from the factory with better sights and grips than the Ruger. The ruger does not come with adjustable sights on the base model. The Ruger 22 pistols I have shot have not had the accuracy as the Buckmark. I can consistently hit targets at 50+ yards with my Buckmark.

    That being my opinion, you will find others who love the Rugers accuracy.

    Get the one that fits you best and if you decide on the Ruger step up to a model with adjustable sights.

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    Buckmarks Rule. The week I bought my Buckmark me and WP went shootin we hade a clay pigeon set up at 200 yrds(verified with a lazer rangefinder) I got very close to hitting it but WP broke it on the second shot.I own alot of rugers but I will pick the buckmark anytime.

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    damn, now I suppose I have to say a nice thing about Ruger.;)

    Me and BB338 have trade jabs on Ruger for years as i am a Browning guy and Mike is a Ruger guy:)

    I do like the Ruger revolvers,

    There we are even

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    Mar 31, 2003
    Buck versus 22/45

    I own both a Browning Buckmark and a Ruger 22/45. I shoot both guns with open sights, and cannot claim a 200yd hit, though I have broken many a Blue Rock at 250 feet with both of them, shooting from a rest.

    The Browning has a finer trigger, and seems to control recoil slightly better than the Ruger, though both are HB's. While both have adjustable sights, it takes a bit more work to achieve comparable accuracy with the Ruger.

    Both are rugged and great fun to shoot.