Buckmaster Classic 2006 hunt auction

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    BADF is auctioning a hunt for two people to attend the Buckmasters Classic, in January of 2006. This is for disabled and/or non disabled bidders. Funds derived will benefit our Life Hunts program. Please help us get this information out, and bid if you would like. The Auction will end in 10 days.

    The eBay item number is 7183181849 and can be searched up on ebay if this link does not work: http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=7183181849&ssPageName=ADME:B:EF:US:1


    Have you ever dreamed of being on a big-time hunt with Buckmasters? For the first time ever, Buckmasters American Deer Foundation has a hunt for two people to auction for the 2006 Buckmasters Life Hunt Classic! And it is during the RUT too! You will meet Jackie Bushman, some very special hunters, and make a host of new memorable friends! Everyone is welcome to bid on this event, as this is a vital fundraising endeavor.

    The winner of the auction will be invited by BADF to participate in the 2006 Buckmasters Life Hunt Classic with Jackie Bushman, our friends at Sedgefields Plantation, Streamlight, and the Buckmasters crew. The high bidder may bring one other hunting guest with them, and both hunters will be allowed to harvest a mature buck of eight points or better (and a doe if desired). This is not a guaranteed hunt. Naturally, the highlight of the hunt will be getting to spend time with our special challenged and ill Life Hunters. You will get to witness first hand how your support will benefit this extraordinary segment of the hunting population.

    Various celebrities have been known to participate in the Buckmasters Life Hunt Classic from time to time, with names such as Jeff Foxworthy, Aaron Tippen, Ward Burton, Irlene Mandrell, Jim Thome and Troy Gentry being involved with the event. Since the schedules of these wonderful folks and others like them are so ever-changing, we normally don’t know until just before the event who might be able to participate. It’s exciting to know that just about anyone could show up!

    The auctioned hunt covers 2 full days of guided trophy deer hunting, game retrieval and quartering, lodging, lunch and dinner each day, Realtree clothing, a package of Streamlight products, other products from various Buckmasters’ sponsors, gifts from Buckmasters own product line and whatever we have donated to raise the value of the hunt. The hunt will start at noon Monday January 9th, 2006 and end at noon on Wednesday January 11th, 2006.