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  1. larrydickman

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    Jul 19, 2008
    I purchased a gun at buds guns, I made the order on the 29th. Was told it would be shipped from 3 to 7 days. I am now in the sixth day and called and was told it would not ship till next week sometime. I also took a day off work to get my gun because when I ordered it I was told that the mag could not ship with the gun and it would ship USPS and the gun UPS. I got a shipping notification with tracking for UPS.

    Nothing in the email that said it was for the mag. I assumed from the information that I was given that it was the gun so I waited a whole day with nothing coming in. I checked the shipping number at the end of the day and it said that it had shipped to my door. I then knew they shipped the mag to me by UPS. I also called and found that they have not shipped my gun and since I have moved and will not be here past a another week this puts the gun coming in past when I leave if they do not ship as the buds service personnel told me. This puts the gun shipping past 12 days after order. I was assured it would ship with in 3 to 7 days no problem. I told Buds to cancel the order and was told that they would do it but its a 10% fee. LOL Really?

    Buds can't ship within the time they promised and then wants to charge me for their inability to keep to the time they promised. If they told the truth that they would ship when they shipped and you just have to wait and I agreed that would be fine. But They have been very unhelpful and as I type I am on hold getting bumped to someone who supposedly can tell me something different. LOL I have a gun ready to ship with in two days from another dealer for about 6 dollars more. Conclusion? If you can wait and don't care buy from buds I guess, but if you need to keep to a schedule and want customer service don't buy from Buds guns.
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    From another forum I replied to Bud's complaint:

    Know Bud well. Bud sells items below distributer cost for one reason, he buys in volumes that even the distributers cannot/will not. Now with that said, my first dealing with bud was in the early 1970s when my father had his FFLs. Bud was a stand up man then but lately he has turnd the operation over to some who care not about service, just money. He has COPD bad and I look for him to pass this world at any time. Sad day for his 2 boys when that happens.

    Contact Dereck at Buds (IF he is still there?) and talk to him. explain the situation to see if he will straighten it out. Tell him Bud's is getting a bad rep on the online forums due to pizz poor customer service.

    Now I cannot compete with Bud's and he is only 40+ miles from me. Many will call me and tell me Bud's price and I tell them to buy it from Bud being I cannot have it delived from my distibuters for what Bud;s sells them for, period. I had one customer tell me Bud's price BUT there was a catch. you HAD to order it off line and this man does no on line buying at all. It cost Bud a good $8K being the customer bought $8K in brownings from me by Christmas and has since ordered $2k worth of accessories which I am waiting to come in now. I run on a 5-10% mark up only an dsome days am damn lucky to get that. I can do that by doing custom order OBNLY, i keep very little instock and the only guns I stock are trade ins if I do take a trade in. that way I can take as little as possible but it is hard to sell when you have a shop within 40 miles that runs on a 1% mark up at best IF you go by distributer prices. I know Bud's no longer sales Hi=points (good thing IMHO being they are not worth a crap) due to him selling them UNDER what HiPoint had in the contract. Bud was selling them lower than what any distributer in teh US was paying HiPoint for them!!!!

    Bottom line is if you buy off line from a shop that does mass volume and cares not as to customer service, I really feel you get what you paid for. IF you had offered that same business to a local shop who is in it for the customer, then you might have paid a littel more but would have gotten the customer service you wanted. Anymore people want to save a buck which I know is important but sometimes saving a buck can cost you more than you saved in the long run. You build a relationship with a local dealer eben if you pay a little more but that relationship can actually be to your advantage. will bud's make it right, maybe, will they know you the next time you order from them, NO. they will look you up on a computer, see your credit card number, and that is what you are to them; a NUMBER and NUMBER only.

    Just IMHO!

  3. cpttango30

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    1st why did you order a gun so close to moving?

    2nd since the gun hadn't shipped yet did you think to say "I'm moving can you ship it to this ffl now near the place I am moving" that would have been the first thing I would have done.

    3rd the last time I had a order shipped via UPS they had the address in the tracking info. That was a shipment of computer parts that came in yesterday.
  4. Double D

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    Jul 16, 2009
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    Wisdom well spoken...........
  5. Juker

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    larrydickman, are you an FFL holder?

    I've purchased a few guns from Bud's, and had to have them shipped to my FFL (that being the law). And I've never had a problem with Bud's, always get top notch service from them.
  6. K75RT

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    You know that is unfortunate... I have always had great CS from Buds, perhaps a phone call explaining you problem will help...
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