Buffett says 1.8 Trillion in Deficit Spending

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    Warren Buffett recently wrote an article stating that the current annual deficit was 1.8 trillion dollars. When I first read it I could not believe it, I thought perhaps he was talking national debt and even at that he made a mistake. When Regan took office in one of his earliest speeches he said that the "actuary" debt of our nation was about 12 trillion dollars. The publicized national debt at the time in 1981 was a little less than a one trillion dollars. Most people don't understand the difference between the deficit and debt much less with the added word "actuary". Not to be redundant for some I will explain. Think of debt like the amount of money you owe on your house, car, credit cards, your dad, mother, brother, sister, friends etc. all added up in one lump sum amount. Actuary debt is a little harder to explain unless you are familiar with on going child support, alimony or a loan that you my have co-signed for someone should they not pay. In other words something you may be on the hook for in the future for years to come. Another term that is often used synonymous with actuary debt is sometimes referred is "unfunded liability". The government has the same lump sum debt just like you or I might have but they also owe trillions more and are on the hook for things like home loan guarantees, student loans, retirement plans, social security etc. Another way to think of it would be like a company that had lets say 100 employees they paid every week but they also had 200 retirees that they had to pay benefits to every week including their medical etc. All those debts added together are called "actuary" debt. That total actuary debt is estimated today to be about 70 trillion dollars which works out to $200,000.00 for every man woman and child in America assuming there are about 350 million of us. If you Google the national debt it will tell you that it is just shy of 12 trillion which does not include the actuary debt.

    The deficit is much simpler to explain as it is nothing more than over-drafting your checking account, however I will expand on it a bit and get to my point. The government every year comes up with a budget just like you or I would do to run our house hold, but that is where it ends. Congress agrees that they need X to run the country but they all (everyone one of them)know for sure that all the income it receives from taxes is always something less than X (this year Warren is right, it is 1.8 trillion short) and they simply knowingly continue to overdraft the treasury by that amount year after year. They then simply add that overdraft to the national debt each year and that is how it has grown to the proportions it has.

    In my view this conduct by all these trusted officials (especially those bastards that have been in congress for years) who took an oath to protect and uphold the constitution is nothing less than treason, for we as Americans have all but lost our country to them. Taking an excerpt from the preamble of our Constitution so states; " secure the Blessing of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity". How can any one of "ourselves" or any child be born into the Blessing of Liberty when he or she is born into any debt much less the unthinkable amount of $200,000.00. To me that is also a flagrant violation of the 13th Amendment which is one that prohibits slavery.

    I have of late been giving serious thought of suing every member of congress under what is called a civil rights action as provided by title 42 section 1983 of the US code. My thought is to bring the action against each member of congress individually in the name or Relation of all US citizens and unborn children. If I do it I will most likely be considered a nut case unless I get some traction and then in either event I would sit in pretty good company.
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    I agree whole heartedly

    If you could sue everyone of them and actually make it to court without it getting thrown out it would be very very very interesting. It would drive alot of the more corrupt ones insane. I'll bet there would be alot of documents "LOST" in a very short time.
    Let me know if you go forward with this so I can buy stock in a company that makes paper shredders.

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