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    Dec 14, 2003
    Tony had come over from Italy a short time ago and his English was not very good.His wife had a bad case of crabs in her pubic hair, so Tony went to the drug store and asked the clerk, "My wife, she has'a bugs in the bush."

    The clerk though that Tony's wife had insects in her garden and gave Tony a bottle of insecticide and told him to use one tablespoon per gallon and spray the bushes and that would get rid of the bugs. Tony took the insecticide home and thought the infestation in her pub*c hair was so bad, he would spray it on straight out of the bottle.

    Several weeks later Tony was in the drug store and the clerk ask him, "How are the bugs in the bush doing?"

    Tony said, "The bugs, they are gone, my wife's bush is all gone, too. By the way did you hear about my neighbor Joe? He had a beautiful mustache and it all fell out and do you know Joe up and died last week. My wife she is very sad about Joe dying."