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  1. Fatstrat

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    Apr 17, 2003
    I have a fancy looking semi finished stock that I got several years ago in a lot of gun parts at an auction. I'm not sure what it's inletted for, but I'm guessing probably a Mauser action. I've gotten alittle bored with my Milsurp collecting and think I may now try to build a custom type sporter using this stock. I'd like to go with a "medium" rifle caliber, such as .308 or .270 if possible. It depends on what action fits the stock. I've read that there are 2 types of Mauser actions, Large ring and small. Will both of these fit in the same stock? If I have to use a large action, any suggestions as to a good caliber to go with? My plan is to buy just an action and have it barreled by a local "smith".
    Any suggestions or info would be appreciated.
  2. armedandsafe

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    "Large ring" and "small ring" refer only to the diameter of the chamber end of the barrel. Mausers come in long, medium and short action lengths. Some may argue about the "medium" length, but I believe it.

    Most stocks can be inletted from short action to long action, but check your measurements carefully BEFORE you start removing wood. It is not considered cool to put sawdust back in the stock to fill goofs. :D I have seen a long action inletted stock used with a short action that looked pretty good. The excess space was filled with an engraved block and looked as it it had been planned that way. Whatever works.



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