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  1. hntrlou

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    Mar 27, 2003
    Can someone please answer the following question.

    A .416 Rem shooting a 400 gr Nosler Partition at 2400 fps has 5117 ft pds energy at the muzzle.

    A .338 RUM shooting a 225 gr Nosler Partition at 3200 fps has 5115 ft pds energy at the muzzle.
    The above info was taken from the most recent Nosler reloading guide.

    Is there a difference ? Why would someone choose the 416 over the 338 for large game?
    I would appreciate it if someone would clear this up for me.
    Thanks hntrlou
  2. shooter22

    shooter22 Guest

    To make a larger hole?:p

    Just kidding. Welcome to the forum. My personal preference would be to make a more accurate shot with the 338. Remember, there are guys that are stricktly large caliber driven. This may also be one of the times that the data is going to come out even like this. Another reason might be a person trying to use one caliber for various game and if the game is very big, the 416 would be the choice. There are many variables that would sway this decision. Probably to many to even figure.

    Once again , welcome to the forum and enjoy yourself.

  3. armedandsafe

    armedandsafe Guest

    Follow that ballistic table on out to 100,200,300,400 & 500 yds and see how the bullets compare in trajectory and terminal energy at various ranges. Then look ar YOUR distance and striking power needs. That will give you the information to make an educated decision on which is best for YOU.

    Then, fire both the big guy and the little guy and see which you LIKE. That will give you the drool factor to adjust the decision made in the first step. :D
  4. Shootist3006

    Shootist3006 New Member

    Apr 1, 2003
    There are significant advantages (when hunting LARGE game) to a bigger. heavier bullet. Most have to due with momentum and big bones. A 400 gr. slug will penetrate the shoulder of a Cape Buffalo far better than the lighter 225 gr .338 bullet and make a 30% bigger hole doing it.
    Hope this helps.
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