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    Anybody got a home made recipe for bullet lube. I'll be using it for handgun and rifle.

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    Ed, man I know there are so many concoctions out there that people have used and some good but most are really not worth the time and hassle. Try the Imperial wax, a little goes forever and the price is not to prohibitive.

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    Te best bullet lube formula that I kept secret til the death of the Saeco company founder you can ask me for if you agree to not post it anywhere as mine to keep or to share. John Paul coffeyn1@juno.com
    I was the Saeco top salesman retired 1979 and have a few of the items left that are too expensive too make and sell today left. Molds Pots etc.
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    I know someone who years ago used STP doing commercial hand loaded .30 carbine... yeah! the oil treatment STP. She said it was real messy. Not recommended.
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