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Now mind you I'm new at this.

But my buddy asked me a good question about reloading. He asked why does one bullet type have a different powder load than a bullet of a different type of the same weight.
Could you be more specific, examples would help?

To answer your question as I understand it, They don't.
If you look at any bullet manufacturer's load manual you will see all the different types of bullets they manufacture all on the same page and all using the same data.
For example, Hornady #7, 30-06, 150-155gr data page lists seven(7) different bullet types on the same page. IB(Inter Bond), SST, SP(soft point), BTSP(Boat Tail Soft Point), RN (Round Nose), BT-FMJ(Boat Tail Full Metal Jacket) and A-Max. Seven (7) different type bullets all using the exact same data.

Sierra, Speer, Nosler, etc. all list data the same way.
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