'Burqa trial' school head jailed for fraud

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    Ok some info you need

    i posted way back about a woman wanting to wear a burqa in court

    this took a few months to decide and state why legally so heres what was REALLY going on

    the head of the school was cheating the government , getting payments for 180 students when he had 80 ( the tax payer funds muslims womans education here because Australians are so racist)

    this lady with the burqa issue went around banks with fake ID and claimed education benefits from the government ( wages for muslim students , we pay them to study too again, we're racists )

    and the bank tells would give evidence that this was her, when she opened the accounts she wore designer clothes short skirts business style clothes for smart dressed up market western woman , and they where all her's

    but when she learned she was to face witness's she wanted to wear a burqa so they could not say " Thats the lady your honour"

    ( another $400,000) the tax payer coughed up in legal fee's for both sides as we fund Muslim folks legal costs too, yadda yadda racists)

    so the school head master is sentanced today ..

    ripped off millions , covered it up counter accused of racist setup and conspiring against Islam , costing millions more in defence fee's and court costs .. not 1 cent recovered , but lots sent oversea's to who ?? to do what ??


    The former director of a Muslim school in Perth has been jailed for at least two years and nine months for fraudulently inflating student numbers to gain government funding.

    Anwar Sayed was found guilty by a jury in October on two counts of fraud.

    The 51-year-old falsified student numbers at the Muslim Ladies College of Australia in Kenwick, in Perth's south, to obtain $1.125 million from government grants.

    The school received about $164,000 from the West Australian government and about $961,000 from the federal government in 2006-07.

    Sayed, from Canningvale in Perth's south, was the director of Muslim Link Australia, which ran the school.

    His trial came to prominence earlier this year when one of the witnesses asked if she could wear a niqab, or full burqa, while giving evidence.

    District Court judge Shauna Deane ruled that the woman had to remove her niqab, but she ordered men to leave the court while the witness gave her evidence.

    In court on Tuesday, Judge Deane said Sayed "signed off on applications knowing full well the student numbers were inflated".

    The court heard he signed declarations that there were more than 180 students enrolled when there were only 80 to 100.

    Judge Deane said she accepted Sayed did not carry out the frauds for purely personal gain but because the school was struggling financially, and he wanted it to survive "for the benefit of the Muslim community".

    She said the sentences had to act as a general deterrent for crimes in which "the public purse has lost a substantial amount".

    Sayed had abused a position of trust with the state and federal governments in which he was relied upon to provide "honest and reliable" information on student numbers, she said.

    His offending "does strike at the heart of such a system", she said, and was unfair to taxpayers and other schools in difficulty competing for limited government funding.

    Judge Deane sentenced Sayed to three years' jail on one count of gaining a benefit through fraud from the federal government.

    After two years of that sentence, he will be eligible for a $5000 good behaviour bond with the third year to be suspended.

    But after the two years in jail, Sayed must serve a nine-month non-parole period of an 18-month jail term imposed for a second count of defrauding the WA government.

    That will mean he will serve a minimum of two years and nine months in prison.

    Outside court a brother of Sayed said his conviction and sentence would be appealed, alleging the jury selection process had been "tampered with".


    so they will cost us even more with endless appeals and all for the glory of Islam

    we aint racists we're IDIOTS!!!!
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    The problem is, civilized governments are simply not equipped to deal with terrorist activities on any level, mentally or physically. They wear no uniforms. They willingly die to further their cause. They respect no international laws, only those of Islam. They learn to use the system for their own good. They are focused, because they have no separation of church and state, all their energy is aimed at one point, to further their cause at all expense. Until we are willing and able to beat them at their own game, we simply waste bombs, bullets and good intentions. Sucks to be humanitarian!

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    They play the race card extremely well, world wide.

    I Slam = Evil