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Just a note about my experience with them so far...

I have never mounted a new scope on a new rifle and was going to buy regular rings and borrow my buddy's scope lapping tools to lap one in, and he told me he hasn't done that in a while, he uses the Burris signature with the plastic inserts...

It took me a while to find them, EVERYBODY had the normal "Z" Rings but not the ones with the inserts, but I finally found them, for $40 vs. about $20 for normal quality rings....

Easy mounting, and I like the concept, no marks on the scope and "self-aligning" so no binding, but I was a little worried about it holding zero or getting bumped since it didn't seem with the plastic it could be as "positive" as custom fit steel to steel "normal" mounts should be....

But since I mounted them, I haven't touched them once, and after about 6-700 rounds of .223 and 5.56 through the Mossberg Predator so far, both from a bench AND when walking around after P-dogs for a week, in and out of the case, normal bumps and thumps on the bench, in the case bouncing across the prairie, and jammed in my trunk for a couple of thousand miles with all my other crap and other rifles, dropped once:eek: and a fair amount of other odd abuse during the week in South Dakota.....

STILL holding zero.

I recommend them highly.

Plus Midway has the "extra" larger and offset inserts for sale this month, which allow you to add elevation to the scope from the mount if necessary, makes them even more versatile if you need it.
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