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(3/12/02 1:51:49 pm)
Reply | Edit | Del All Bushmaster M17S Bullpup Q's
I am interested in whatever feedback I can get on the Bushmaster M17S Bullpup (post-ban/current model).

I have been assured by Bushmaster tech's that whatever problems they have had in the past have been corrected, and I am leaning toward a purchase. They are in production now, and will be shipping in a couple weeks.

What should I be paying for one of these new? The least expensive I have found in my area is $630. Can I do better?

Also, I cannot find any ballistics data on these, with the 21.5" hard chrome lined barrel and chamber, what kind of distance/accuracy can I expect?

I was thinking about a very durable sight for this as well, but can't pay megabucks. I would like to keep it under $300, but want a lighted 1.5-5X scope. I really like the Tasco 1.5-5X oval scope, but acquisition is difficult without lighted reticle. Someone also recommended the HoloSight, but there is no magnification, and I think this rifle could really reach out. I'd like a Trijicon, but at $600 is a little steep for me. I am open to any feedback I can get? Thanks! -Marc

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(3/12/02 2:13:56 pm)
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These are nice little compact rifles. Do not expect much using the factory sights beyond 50 meters....this is not due to the rifle, but sighting system. This rifle is a good canidate for a "Dot" scope, but once again....not going to be a sub or even MOA rifle. It was not designed to be, from a rest (bench) maybe. They are much better than the old ones and prebans.....the trigger sucked on those....because of the trigger transfer bar system. It has been improved, but don`t expect crisp. This is a fun gun. If you had your druthers, get the AR15 by Bushy. fps from a 21 1/2" barrel is going to be standard, about 3250....223 round (?) Regards LTS
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