Buying a gun from a private seller.

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by TTUshooter, Aug 9, 2009.

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    I'm making arrangements to purchase a pistol from a Private seller. They are not in the same state, so i know FFL's come into play. From what i understand, he will give it to his ffl to ship it to a ffl on my end. Do i fill out the background check forms there? HE also mentioned doing a Postal service money order. WHat assurances do i have that if i cut him a check I will get the merchandise? (although I'm not too worried about this as he has extremely positive feedback) What else should i know about this deal? its the first i've ever done this.
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    I'm doing the same thing for a Taurus Judge tomorrow. You will probably need some kind of form from your FFL to send with the check. I'm sending mine requesting a receipt of delivery. Fed-Ex, USPS, whatever.

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    He can either give it to his FFL to send to your FFL, or send it directly to your FFL. There is no legal requirement for it to come FROM an FFL, only to go TO one.

    If he sends it himself, since it is a pistol it will have to go common carrier, and they require pistols to go "next day", so it will be 50 to 70 dollars shipping. If he gives it to his FFL to ship, the FFL can mail it, through the Post Office. Maybe 15 dollars to ship.

    You are actually, legally, buying the gun from your dealer. So you fill out the 4473 at your dealer's place, and he does the call-in.

    Postal Money Orders are wonderful. You take it down to the Post Office and say, "Here", and they give you money. No, "It will take 5 business days to clear" or any other nonsense like that. They give you money. So sellers like that. If you buy it with a Postal Money Order and he does not send you the gun, that is Mail Fraud, and you can sic the Postal Inspectors on his butt. So they are a good deal for all concerned.

    You (or your dealer) will have to send him a copy of your dealer's license. The gun will be shipped to your dealer. Make sure your dealer knows it is coming, and what it is. I had a guy ship one once, with no paperwork of any kind. I called my dealer and asked if my Rossi double had come in. He says, "Is that yours? I wondered whose it was. It's been here about three days."
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