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(1/8/03 7:17:48 pm)
Reply | Edit | Del All Buying My First Handgun. Please Help!

Hey guys,
I've decided to purchase my first handgun for self-defense. I'm seriously looking at a Sig p232. But I'm up for some suggestions.

Gun must be:
Dependable (Very Important)
Automatic (though not totally ruling out revolvers)
Price: Max $500.00

Any help would be appreciated. Note I'm new to handguns so ease of use and dependability are very important.


shooter45 us
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(1/8/03 10:43:06 pm)
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The first step is going to a gun shop and picking a few pistols or revolvers that "feel good" to you. Something that fits you hand well. Some ranges rent guns. Check with friends who own handguns and shoot what they have. You may find something you like.

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(1/9/03 4:15:47 pm)
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Re: Buying My First Handgun. Please Help!
First off,

Hope you enjoy yourself here and will be coming back often.

If, as you state, you are new to handguns, it probably wouldn't be a bad idea to attend a class or two relating to gun or hunter safety in your local area (providing you aren't already a "long gun" owner/shooter who is already familiar with firearm safety). You can do this any time, before or after, following the advice shooter45us gave you.

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(1/11/03 8:22:37 am)
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I want to echo and expand on the comments of the others.

First, if you are new to firearms, take a class in gun safety and a class in how to shoot. Even if you decide later not to purchase a gun, some training in firearms safety and use is a good idea. If you plan to carry this weapon (one of your criteria was concealability) most States will require some kind of a class as part of the permit process. Virginia requires both classroom and live-fire training (with a minimum score in the live-fire to qualify for a permit).

Second, if your purpose is self-defense, I doubt you'll find anyone who will agree with the choice of a Sig 232 as the primary weapon. Not because its a poor quality firearm, because the .380 round it shoots doesn't cut it for personal defense. Most people recommend choosing among 9mm, .40, and .45, and then loading it with a round that has real stopping power, like a hydroshock or a silvertip HP.

Whatever you decide, please remember to do three things: be safe, be responsible, and PRACTICE, PRACTICE, PRACTICE.

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(1/12/03 6:34:39 am)
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Re: Buying My First Handgun. Please Help!
I would definitely have to agree with 505799 on the choice of another round besides the .380 for self defense. Although I own a Bersa .380 semi auto, it would be the close to the last of my pistols to be used for self defense.

For ease and simplicity of operation you can hardly beat the Glock pistols, although my personal self defense pistol is a Kahr K40 in .40 S&W. I have had my share of Glocks, but they never fit my hand "just right", whereas the K40 seems like it is part of my hand. Then again, I also have a Witness .45 cal (with a conversion kit to 38Super), but it is rather large and a bit heavy (for me) for concealed carry.

And although at times one or the other of my "big bore" handguns may not be readily accessible, I always have my "little" NAA 1 5/8 inch barrel, 5 shot, 22magnum with CCI MaxiMag hollowpoints within less than an arms reach 24/7. Although it is small, it definitely packs a big time punch when the shot is place correctly.

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(1/12/03 8:55:55 pm)
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welcome Qwert!

definitely rent before you buy. i rented a .45 acp and it has a softer recoil than the 9mm that i already bought. i wish that i had rented first. then i would have gotten a 1911 or a CZ 97 instead of the 9mm cz75bd i've got now.

i kinda like the CZs because they're metal... not some huge plastic toy. the CZs also are impressively simple firearms to take down.

shoot before ya buy

chris in sandy eggo
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