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    (2/1/02 10:37:57 am)
    Reply | Edit | Del All RFI: Luger
    Discovered a Luger in a local shop - "byf" code on toggle, apparently all matching numbers that I found including the grip frame and small parts, non-original mag (Erma manufacture). Overall VG+, with strong intact markings. I wanna say it had a "42" date.

    Asking price is $495. Is it a steal at that price, or about average? Much better condition than my Luger.

    Oh, and no importer marks that I could find.

    Any info is appreciated!

    RobC in Missouri

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    (2/1/02 10:56:59 am)
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    Re: RFI: Luger
    Not a steal. That is the most common WW-2 military Luger.