C&R .22 rifles

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    I posted this same question in the .22 rimfire forum....

    I'm trying to find a relatively cheap .22 rifle that I can purchase with my C&R license. If I have to go to the private auctions, I will. But I would rather buy one from a wholesaler or importer, that is still packed in cosmoline or that hasn't been used.

    I've seen a few trainer rifles around, like some Enfields, but they're on the order of $400-$500. Too pricy for me. It would be nice to find something like the Romanian trainer, but that was C&R eligible.

    Anybody know of a wholesaler or importer selling something like this? Bolt-action, semi-auto, doesn't really matter.
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    Are those Polish M48 trainers still available? I know SOG had separated out the C&R eligible ones from the later date models, but I don't know if they have any left. May wanna give them a try.

    Furthermore, any pre-1953 rifle is considered C&R - you could look for old Mossbergs, Marlins & the like. If you can verify they're over 50 years old, you can buy them on a C&R.

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