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(6/20/01 7:14:55 am)
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After about a 9 month backorder...I got my millenium .45 long colt from Cabelas. Thought I would share my impressions. Only cost $200 in their catalog.

It is not blued has a parkerized finish, walnut looking grip, and brass looking triggerguard and grip handle. It is a colt SAA clone...I would say designed for cowboy action shooting. Fit and finish is very good.

It is light weight but not overengineeered like a ruger. This is definitely a factory & light handloads pistol. It has what I consider a mickey mouse concession of a move the cylinder pin back and it blocks the hammer fall. Without any transfer bar...I will definitely be carrying this with the hammer down on an empty cylinder.

Shoots very well...I only put about 20 rounds through it yesterday...gotta pick up a set of dies and some more ammo yet. It is very accurate..I just need to get more familiar with it. Will handle smokeless cartridges...I suppose you could use blackpowder also.

Made by Uberti of Italy. I was told that Berretta just bought Uberti and tried to welsh on the contract. They apparently dont want the berretta name associated with a cheap pistol. Thus the 9 month backorder. I guess that they are delivering on a regular basis now. Cabelas seems to sell them faster than they can stock them.

Having said all that it is not...I would say that this is a hell of a buy. For some one wanting a cheap pistol for protection,a truck gun,something to throw in the saddlebag when you are hunting,etc. I feel it is an excellent buy for the money. It aint the prettiest thang that walks...but it is a functional piece. It would work well for cowboy action shooting, definitely cheaper than a SAA. I dont need to praise the .45 long colt...its reputation speaks for itself. regards swede ( the wanna-be gun reviewer)

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(6/20/01 7:56:48 am)
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Nice to see ya back again, Swede. Thanks for the review.
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