California Mulies

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    Oct 22, 2010
    2nd seaon here hunting California Mule Deer in the South Sierras...

    1st season I got my equipment together, learned to look for sign but did not see anything! This 2nd season I have been out twice now and saw deer both times... have been at about 8500' looping ridge lines stopping to class as I go, getting off the dirt forest service roads and hiking back about 2 or 3 miles... first Saturday saw a group of 4 but before I could swing the rifle and find the 3 point in the scope it were over the ridge 200 yards away, last saturday all I found was a large doe about 75 yards away and that was it... I feel like I am getting closer, but not yet there to close the deal...

    anyone have tips, theories, strategies to share on hunting California Mulies... thanks!

    it has been very hot here these first two weeks of the season, with this third week calling for more of the same hot dry weather, and it may just stay this for for the remainder of the season...
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