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(2/5/02 11:47:57 am)
Reply | Edit | Del All Can anyone Identify the bayonet on ebay?
It is listed as: Bayonet: Greek? Russian?

My best bet is isreal? Anyone?



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(2/5/02 1:36:46 pm)
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Welcome Allen, I do not have a clue about bayonets but some of the guys around here are into that. I will let them know your here.

You will need to post a link to the bayonet so we can look at it. At least provide us with an item # for e-bay
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(2/5/02 1:54:13 pm)
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Yep, or Google it at the bottom of the page....fer searching. Welcome....LTS

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(2/5/02 8:12:03 pm)
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My Bayonet Story....(Sniff...)(again)

I once traded $3 my cost worth of Case pocketknife seconds worth about $12 for what I thought was a shortened Krag bayo that was used for mixing paint and covered in coal dust...

After I cleaned it up it came out looking pretty nice, said 1895, wasn't cut at all. just shorter...

Took it to an OGCA show just to try and find a sheath, first bayo guy says no sheath, but how much do you want for it, I figure at the time REAL Krag bayos went for about $35 with a sheath so I says $45...and thought the guy reached for his wallet a little too fast...

...about 10 tables away was a Krag collector (WHY the hell didn't I walk the OTHER way?) and I explained what I had had...

1895 Krag Cadet bayonet...issued to the Graduating class of the Point in '95 and 96 ONLY, worth from 4-6 bills, only 100 made, ...and he had a sheath for it, said their were two types of sheaths, leather and metal, and and there were EXACTLY 100 sheaths made of each type, so there are twice as many sheaths available as bayos...he sold me a metal sheath for $20 and said MAYBE if I went back if the guy had any conscience he'd let me buy it back for a slight premium...

I went back JUST in time to see MY bayonet sold WITH A SHEATH (He lied) for $550...( that was about 15 years ago...)and what REALLY hurt is him telling the guy the story about how he couldn't believe some jerk just pulled it out and didn't know what he had...

I cried for a week, but then I figured I paid about $3 for it, and the guy I got it from got it from a guy that mixed PAINT with there's dumber people than me out there....

But it was a good lesson, he actually didn't screw me, he paid EXACTLY what I asked for bad.

And the sheath was the FIRST thing I sold on *********, or any auction for that matter, about a year and a half $35 for it....had it as a reminder all these years....

So needless to say, I stay the hell away from bayonets unless I KNOW them....
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(2/6/02 8:51:48 am)
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Welcome, Allen!
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