Can you identify this soldier?

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    Kims parents.PNG

    Photo taken in Vietnam about 1970 of an American serviceman and Vietnamese woman. A daughter was born to them about 1972. The name of the father is unknown and the mother died twenty+ years ago. Their married daughter is searching for the father but doesn't know his name. She is a citizen of the U.S. and lives in Texas now along with her husband and three children. She has had DNA testing done and the results suggest a strong tie to families located in central Pennsylvania. Very close matches have surfaced to individuals with the surnames of Will, Walters, Husband, Moore and Hanna. All of these surnames can be associated with Bedford and Somerset County (Pennsylvania) families. A family tree named "Buell Moore Family" can be accessed on for more in-depth information.
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    Good luck in your search. There are many, many Facebook military sites.
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