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    May 25, 2003
    GUNS&AMMO July 2003
    Page 30

    Cap Gun Criminals
    Dr. Paul Gallant & Dr. Joanne Eisen

    In spite of foolish gun laws, British ‘subjects’ are finding
    that self-reliance just may save their lives.

    The headlines are all too familiar: “Gun Crime Soars By 35
    Percent:’ “Handgun Crime Rises By 46 Percent:" “Murder Rate
    At Highest Level." “Shootings Part Of City’s Violent Trend."
    They tell, in a nutshell, the story of what’s happening in
    Great Britain today.

    The murder rate in Britain has reached its highest level
    since record-keeping began there 100 years ago. As Mark
    Steyn pointed out in the January 5, 2003, Telegraph,
    “...America’s traditionally high and England and Wales’
    traditionally low murder rates are remorselessly converging.
    In 1981 the U.S. rate was nine times higher than the
    English. By 1995 it was six times. Last year, it was down
    to 3.5. Given that U.S. statistics, unlike the British
    ones, include manslaughter and other lesser charges, the
    real rate is much closer. New York has just recorded the
    lowest murder rate since the 19th century. I’ll bet that in
    the next two years London’s murder rate overtakes it?’

    But it is more than the attempted creation of a gunfree
    island that has spurred the dizzying metamorphosis of a
    once-peaceful people into a culture of victims. It is the
    message of guaranteed safety to the criminal class.

    Aside from civilian prohibition of the best tool for
    self-defense, British criminals have little reason to fear
    their victims. Britain’s Telegraph reported that the
    government was proposing to afford criminals greater success
    “in suing members of the public who injure them:’ especially
    “if the injury is much more serious than the illegality?’

    Nor do criminals have reason to fear Britain’s criminal
    justice system. Early this year, the Telegraph disclosed
    that “police were ordered not to bother investigating crimes
    such as burglary, vandalism and assaults unless evidence
    pointing to the culprits is easily available. Under new
    guidelines, officers have been informed that only ‘serious’
    crimes such as murder, rape or so-called hate crimes should
    be investigated as a matter of course. In all other cases,
    unless there is immediate and compelling evidence, such as
    fingerprints or DNA material, the crime will be listed for
    no further action?’

    Soon after the new U.K. crime statistics were announced in
    January, another round of “tough” antigun shenanigans
    designed to placate the public was launched. Some proposals
    from the “Gun Crime Summit” held in London in early January
    included banning imitation guns, air guns, cap guns, water
    pistols and replica guns that can fire blanks.

    There is some dissent about the proposed ban on toy guns.
    Antigun activist and author Peter Squire stated: “I don’t
    want to ban the use of [replica weapons], and I don’t want
    to deprive people of the fun they can have. But I think
    they should be kept out of the home and under lock and key
    in shootings clubs."

    Toy-gun shooting clubs? We’re not making this up, folks—it
    appears that Squire’s reasonable compromise with gun owners
    is “safe storage” laws for toy guns and water pistols.

    While even the government admits that the police haven’t the
    time to catch real criminals, they apparently have plenty of
    time on their hands to raid shops that sell still-legal
    replica guns, even before the law has been finalized. In
    one day alone, 1,700 such toys were confiscated from one
    chain store.

    There will be mandatory five-year sentences for any one in
    possession of an illegal gun; there is currently a six-month
    minimum sentence for possession of an illegal firearm.
    There will be a new national database of lawfully held
    firearms. And there are proposals for new measures to
    provide witnesses to shootings “greater protection” against
    intimidation and reprisals “to encourage more cooperation
    with police and help tackle soaring gun crime” as well as
    the instigation of police-manned road blocks in south London
    to intercept illegal guns.

    In addition to proclaiming its intent to get really, really,
    really tough on crime now, the British government has
    trotted out its old standby: the vaunted, venerable
    crimefixer, the gun “amnesty” program. The latest amnesty,
    scheduled to run from March 31 through April 30 of this
    year, was designed to “...cut back on soaring firearms crime
    and beat Britain’s burgeoning gang culture?’

    It is worth recalling that a firearm amnesty followed the
    1996 shooting by Thomas Hamilton at Dunblane Primary School
    in Scotland, when Great Britain implemented its total ban on
    private handgun possession.

    More than 60,000 firearms were handed in then, but both
    firearm-related crime and non-firearm-related crime kept
    rising despite the removal of those firearms from the social

    In announcing the latest amnesty, Home Office minister Bob
    Ainsworth declared: “This amnesty provides an opportunity
    for people to get rid of an illegal weapon... Taking guns
    off our streets will save lives and cut crime’

    To profess that criminals will voluntarily surrender their
    hard-earned handguns manufactured in eastern Europe, some 10
    million of which were recently reported to have been
    illegally imported into Great Britain, is beyond naive. We
    continue to be amazed at the chutzpah of those who do.

    Through foolish social policy that totally ignores human
    nature, the British government has created a climate in
    which criminals have been empowered and emboldened. That,
    in turn, lead to an unprecedented rise in crime throughout
    the U.K. An embarrassed government has been forced to
    disguise the true level of crime, and a clear pattern of
    massaging down the crime statistics continues.

    For example, “forceful theft of car keys from a person to
    enable a car to be stolen” is now being recorded as “the
    taking of a vehicle without the owner’s consent” What this
    means to the thief (if ever convicted, let alone apprehended
    in the first place) is the difference between a possible
    lifetime jail sentence and a fine and/or a maximum of six
    months in jail.

    So far the British government hasn’t found a way to disarm
    criminals (nor has any other government or social theorist);
    instead, it targets the only people it can hope to control:
    the nonviolent segment of the British citizenry. The result
    has not been the creation of the peaceful, gunfree,
    harmonious society that British subjects were promised but a
    society of disarmed victims, preyed upon at will by a
    government-protected and well-armed criminal class.

    But that may be changing. Although the victims are
    suffering the consequences of fools, they themselves are not
    fooled. While the British government’s arsenal of
    crime-fighting tools doesn’t include citizen self-defense,
    what has emerged is that British subjects and their
    politicians have drastically different ideas about how to

    Reuters recently reported on the findings of a telephone
    survey of 1,000 Britons: “Guns feature alongside baseball
    bats and hammers among the arsenal kept by almost one in 10
    worried householders." While 44 percent of respondents said
    they slept with a blunt instrument such as a baseball bat
    handy, 10 percent of women in the survey stated they keep a
    gun nearby (maybe even one of those 10 million illegally
    imported guns).

    The report further noted: “Sixty percent of respondents
    believe people have the right to take the law into their own
    hands, and nearly half would be prepared to kill in order to
    protect their family?’ In short, many Brits have reached the
    breaking point and are willing to risk even the fate that
    befell Tony Martin. Martin was the farmer who shot
    intruders and was sentenced, at first, to life in prison;
    the sentence was reduced on appeal to five years. Martin
    has become a cause célèbre and received more than 7,500
    Christmas cards in his jail cell.

    Martin was denied early parole, partially on the basis of
    death threats made against him by friends of the criminal he
    killed and partially because of his lack of remorse. The
    British police admit they cannot protect Martin. When he is
    released, he will not have the required tools to protect

    All the laws in the world cannot extinguish that reflex
    lying deep within the human spirit. Despite Martin’s
    treatment by authorities, the principle of self-defense and
    protection of one’s loved ones is alive and well in the U.K.
    While we are watching the change in Great Britain from a
    culture of lawful firearm ownership to one where firearm
    ownership has become almost illegal, we may also be witness
    to a new, burgeoning culture of self-defense.
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