CAR-15 Conversion-Tech Question

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    I'm in the process of obtaining the paperwork to take my CAR-15 rifle to a short barreled rifle. The rifle is from Essential Arms and is named the J-15. It appears that it's of the older A1 styling. It is a pre-ban rifle.

    I'm wanting to make the following conversions:

    1) Replace the upper receiver with a flat-top.

    2) Remove the six inch flash suppressor. Have the barrel reduced to ten inches (currently 11") and add a bird cage suppressor.

    3) Place a Bushmaster flip up rear sight on the flat-top.

    4) Add a Bushnell holographic sight.

    While I'm sure it's partially silly to pay the for the two hundred dollar tax for the short barrel, I keep it mostly in the patrol car trunk. For me, most call-outs are at night, and well under one hundred yards. Basically, I'm trying to build a more functional entry gun.

    Any thoughts would be appreciated.

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    Welcome to TFF Kornhauser. I have no idea what so ever about what you ask but one of the guys will be along to help you out
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    Re: CAR-15 Conversion-Tech Question
    Welcome Aboard kornhauser!

    Converting the upper is not a problem however, it
    will be much more cost effective for you to purchase
    a new upper 10-inch flatop w/BC flash suppressor
    already made to order, the cost of cutting, re-crowning
    and so forth will outweigh what it would cost you to
    purchase one in that configuration from either Bushmaster
    or many of the other mfg's available.

    You can order direct from Bushmaster to your desired
    specs. or you can also find other companies in the
    Shotgun News that will take custom orders, I for one
    preffer the Bushmaster products.

    Hope this helps, if you've got more questions feel free
    to fire away!

    Glad to have you with us!

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    Re: CAR-15 Conversion-Tech Question
    Perhaps you may be going about that the hard way. There are barrelled uppers available in the configuration you want. Once you get the appropriate paperwork and tax stamp, you can install this upper and still have your old upper. Kind of like two guns in one!

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