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Cartridge questions

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I have some questions on the sizes for my .223 rounds im trying to make. Im using the speer load book #14. In it it gives me my measurements for my cases.
max case lenght is 1.760"
trim to lenght 1.750"
max cart. oal 2.260"

now i dont have a automatic trimmer, so im trimming by my hand tool. Am i getting the case sizes between the trim lenght and the max case lenght or does every shell have to be 1.750"

and when i go to set my bullet depth im having difficulty getting it set to exact 2.260" im getting it to 2.599" 2.261". can it be the one thousandths over or under the coal? I know im asking alot of questions lately but I just wanna get it right. dont want nothing to happen when i go shoot. and at the same time im learning my sons learning too so just want to be safe you know.
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Nothing in heaven or on earth is perfect especially if it was made by man. Ideally all cases should be trimmed to 1.750 but as long as they are between that and 1.760 it will be OK. I try to keep COL within +/- .005
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