Case corrosion

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  1. Kestral

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    Aug 31, 2008
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    Im puzzled,reloaded 3000 9mm P08 rds,various makes of case,carbide chemicals just washed the day before in warm washing up water with the usual household dish wash liquid soap.thoroghly dried,no case lub used.2000 placed in original plastic case trays,again all clean & dry.the remaining 1000 put into clear plastic bags & sealed. Aprox 5 mths later,after being kept in a dry storeroom the average temp. always around 18 to 22 degrees, the cases in the plastic trays had a deep green corrosive band around the contact point, which is approx half way down the case.but the ones in the plastic bags were clean & perfect.Anyone had this happen to them in the past,or have any idea what could have caused it.The trays had been well washed in the same washing up liquid as the cases,( not at the same time,fresh used.)but somehow there must be some sort of chemical reaction with the contact point of the trays,anyone know if the manufactures spray the trays with anything before leaving the factory which protects the new cases . ??
  2. Country101

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    Could be just enough moisture in the air to do it. If not, I would say it is some kind of acid. If it is a really deep green, it would remind me of verdigris(the green matter that forms under hardware that is against leather). It is caused by acids in leather usually.

  3. howlnmad

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    That's odd. I've got 50 cases for 7mm that have been sitting in the same reloading block for over a year and no signs of discoloration or corrosion. I don't wash mine though, just vibratory in corn cob.
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