Caspian .38 super by Fusion firearms

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    Need opinions on Caspian .38 super by Fusion firearms

    Ok, I just picked up a nice looking Caspian .38 super in SS and 5 inch. The gun is tight, no wear marks, clean bore and Nowlin barrel. Gun does not appear to have been fired much. Skeletonized adjustable trigger. This is my first .38 super, I have .45acp's in 1911 models, is this a good model and caliber? I think I will use it as my primary carry piece for a while. Any info on this company and firearm? :)

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    though i have a few different 1911's in 45acp i happen to like the 38 super. very under-rated. when i'm not packing a 9mm it's always my next choice. now caspian has been around a long time and if done right they are excellent "kit guns" the fit on the few i've seen was good ( frame&slide) now the important stuff.... the guts . if they are of good quality you should have no problems.
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