Casull .22LR/.25ACP Revolvers ??

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    Casull .22LR/.25ACP Revolvers ??
    Does Casull produce a .25ACP revolver?
    Don't they already produce a .22 L.R. revolver?
    Is this the same company as Freedom Arms of .454 Casull fame?

    Charlie D
    Thanks for your response.

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    Reply Casull
    Charlie -

    I could be wrong, but......

    I don't believe that there is an actual "Casull" brand revolver.

    Different firms make guns chambered for the .454 Casull round. Freedom Arms makes a .454 Casull revolver, spendy though. Ruger makes one, chambered in the Super Redhawk. Taurus has the Raging Bull in .454. Might be others, not sure.

    You might be thinking of the Raging Hornet by Taurus, the same gun, basically, as the Raging Bull, but chambered for the .22 Hornet. If there is one chambered for the .22LR, I've never heard of it. Freedom Arms certainly might make one in .22LR, don't know for sure.

    Never heard of one in .25ACP, either. Seems like that one would be a total waste of space. Is there any real use for the .25, anyway? Everything that I have ever heard about the .25 is bad.