CBS support President Bush

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by 1952Sniper, Mar 10, 2003.

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    Reply CBS support President Bush
    I tuned in 60 minutes for the first time in years to watch the Dole/Clinton thing and I caught a segment dealing with medical insurance rates. Bush is proposing a 250,000 dollar cap on "pain and suffering" awards. CBS brought on a family of doctors, father and five children, who showed why this legislation was needed. The case was made logically, succinctly, and as far as I could see accurately. First time I have ever seen CBS be pro-conservative.

    The Dole/Clinton thing was worthless.


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    Re: CBS support President Bush
    I saw that too, Clouder. I was waiting for the other shoe to drop, where they would slam Bush. But it never happened. In fact, if I were a liberal Democrat, I would probably be pissed right now that CBS didn't play up the other side of the story with a victim of medical malpractice who needed more than $250,000.

    That story hit pretty close to home, since my wife is a nurse. The clinic she used to work at is having to cut peoples' benefits and pay. Her fellow nurses who have worked there for 15 and 20 years are having to look for another job because they need better benefits, and the clinic can no longer afford to provide them. Their medical malpractice insurance went up from $94,000 to $140,000 this year. It's a damn shame what the lawyers and insurance companies have turned our health care system into.

    I agree; the Clinton/Dole thing was not even worth watching. I can't believe Clinton is still getting airtime. That SOB needs to just give it up and fade away into the sunset. He's got NO BUSINESS criticizing the current administration, with the crap he pulled in office and the crap he let Iraq and OBL get away with on his watch.
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    Reply Re: CBS support President Bush
    OTH...there are all sorts of people who are maimed for life, disfigured, or killed by medical incompetance and stupidity.

    What are the doctors (and the AMA boards that oversee medical licensing) doing to remove the 5% of the doctors that account for 50% of the malpractice claims?

    Why do the insurance companies just spread the grief over the whole medical community rather than denying coverage to those who continually screw up?

    Sounds like a game of "blame the victims".

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    Reply Re: CBS support President Bush
    Yup, 'Racer -

    There's definitely two sides to every argument. The teenager down in North Carolina comes to mind - the one who had a lung/heart transplant and the dumb staff didn't check to see if the blood type was compatible. They tried another transplant that failed also. You know darn'd good and well the medical costs are gonna exceed 250K on that little boo-boo.

    Yet, the other side of the coin shows 'way too many people and suit happy lawyers filing claims for millions over a virtual hangnail. There's gotta be some common sense on this issue - unfortunately, today's jurors seem to vie each other on the biggest awards to "send a message" (boy, am I ever sick and tired of that expression!). The judges should be the ones that set the limits on a claim, and should be required to use some sort of standardization that doesn't rape the defendant just because they have "deep pockets".

    Most insurance rates are escalating, not because of the horrific settlements so much, as the insurance companies losing their shirts on market investments, like the rest of us, and they want the policy holder to make up the difference for their shareholders. Pretty good deal, eh? Lose money in the stock market, gaff your consumers. Wonder who I can pass along my market losses to? Gotta put some thought into that one - if it's legal for the insurance companies to do it, why can't I? After all, the GOVERNMENT should cover my losses - they fund everything else with my money.
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    Reply Re: CBS support President Bush
    Can anybody think "trial lawyers"?
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