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    Any suggestions on good CCL instructors in the Houston area?
    I was trying to find a place called Rangemaster, but cannot seem to find their link anymore.
    Thanks in advance for any help.

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    Dawg, can`t help you in the Houston area, but...
    The ones up here in NE Texas are listed in the news paper for dates and times, fees, ect. You can aslo call your local law enforcement, DPS, ect. and they will have instructors they can recomend, or lead you in the right direction. Several members here live in that area and it might be better to ask them. AntiqueDr, Blackgun and I think there is another one there also. It pays to shop around for the dollar, as some are very high and others not so high. Most of the folks up here, take it from a DPS officer, who teaches on his off time. Good luck and shoot straight. Easy course and good folks. Missed this thread......didn`t even know you was from Texas....DURN! shows going away on the Holidays....stinks. LTS
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    Re: CCL
    Check with BlackGun first, and/or email me directly.
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    A Google search turned up these places in Houston area:

    HOUSTON, TEXAS 77057
    (1 block South of Richmond Avenue)
    (between Chimney Rock and Fountain View)

    Cleverdon Shooting Clinic
    Deb Cleverdon
    15306 Bonita Springs
    Houston, TX 77083
    (281) 988 - 7192

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    Dawg! The two that Tuckard gave you are closer to you than way out here. The course will run between $75.00 and $110.00 depending on the package they offer you. By DPS rules, it's a 12 hour minimum course and could run as long as 15 hours depending on how well the range goes. Some offer a complete package to include 2ea. 2x2 passport photo's 2 sets of fingerprints, ammo which could be 50 to 100 rounds depending on which license you want. one license is for revolvers only and the other will include semi auto's and revolvers. Some include the range fee. Some provide a free lunch. It's easier on you to get the inclusive package so you don't have to drive all over town getting a passport photo and then have to go to your local Law Enforcement agency to be fingerprinted. Some instructors will aide you in filling our your package to be mailed into Austin. Also remember the State (DPS) will require a M.O. or Cashiers check in the amount of $140.00 for their part. So your cost could run as high as $250.00 per person. You have my e-mail. If you need one of the books or you want a package sent to you from DPS, here is the phone number# Dept. Of Public Safety Concealed Handgun Licensing Dept 1800-224-5744 ext 7279 ask for Dana, she's a sweetheart. Good Luck! The will send you all the instructions to include study material and fingerprint card and will also give you the names and addresses of all DPS certified CHL instructors on the area.


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    When a question needs to be answered and there is a problem...I usually ask myself (reducing it to a question)
    "How would the Lone Ranger handle this?"
    Well, it looks like we have a few Lone Rangers posting for you.
    Happy Holidays to you and your Family!
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    Charlie D -
    The last line of your post sounds like something James Thurber might have said. Ya didn't "borrow" it from him, did ya?

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    No, James hasn't been near my computer that I know of.

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    Charlie D, the new rules for you posting.

    Please email me prior to any post you may respond to.
    I have had to replace my keyboard too many times from errent food and liquid leaving my pie hole, whilst reading your post, or send funds so I can continue to type on a new one, as now I am picking peanuts and coke spray from my New Christmas Keyboard.......Do me a favor, keyboards are cheap, lest you buy 10 a month. LTS

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    LTS I got to admit you hit the keyboard thing dead on. Thanks for yet another laugh Charlie D.

    Zombie I gots no idea but these other guys seem to have a handle on things. I have made more than one post that did not get a reply. Sometimes you just got to speak up and tell everyone to slow down and pay attention. I look forward to seeing you keep posting here.
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