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    Dec 30, 2008
    hi everyone i am new to this forum i have been looking around the site and really going to get alot of great info here. but anyway i live in ohio were if i take a ccw class i can carry a gun but my prolbem is when obama gets in office and somehow makes guns illegal all they need is a list of all ccw onwers and now i lost my 2 amendment is this just in my head or is this something to worry about??
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    Sep 25, 2007
    First off, welcome to TFF, Flynbye. We're glad you've decided to join us.

    It's definitely not just in your head, because it seems to be in a lot of people's heads. Obama's record is strongly against guns.
    However, I don't think we have a whole lot to worry about, really. We elected a new president. He's not the one I wanted, and it seems clear he's not the one you wanted, but he's the one we're goingt to get. That's OK.

    We have a new Congress and a new President under the same old system. Because of the Heller v. D.C. ruling handed down by the Supreme Court in June, Americans now have the affirmed right to self-defense, including self-defense with a handgun. (This is a right we have always had, as it is a natural right, but the Court has now affirmed it as such.)
    If we elected a new absolutist of some kind (king, dictator, etc.), he could just "make guns illegal," but that's not the case. I for one am not worried about it. I'm still keeping my eyes opened, but I'm not worried.

    Here's another way of looking at the same issue: On the off chance guns are made illegal and CCW class registrations are looked up so that all weapons can be confiscated, then you can't carry a gun anymore.
    If you don't take the class in the first place, then you still can't carry a gun. Same result.

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    Feb 22, 2009
    I'm seeing it as a slow methodic approach to the same end. I think increasing taxes to possibly disuage buying, making every gun incl. rifles and shotguns be registered allows them to more accuratel track and monitor, as well as, know where to go when the time comes to confiscate, and then you have the issues of perpetual registration (every 5 years, etc.) and mandatory insurance in government set amounts etc.
    All of this stuff plus allowing litigation against manufacturers and waiting periods and continuing to add to places that even people with CC permits can't carry in.....all of it seems designed to impede, dissuade, track, and otherwise set the stage for eventual confiscation of guns from the citizenry. I see it as a fairly slow and steady mechanism to rid us of our means to ensure the freedoms we hold dear while those that think otherwise strip us of our constitutional rights out of short sighted ignorance or possibly even purposeful steps toward removing the power from the people. Currently no invader could take down America with its armed population (financially yes, but not forceful), however from within various groups may want to do just that and this slow progression of events seems to be setting us up for the same fate as the UK, Aussies, Canada and etc. I loved the Supremes decision last year, but I don't think that decision just stopped the desire of many to change our gun laws.
    I see so many stores quitting carrying arms and ammo, lately, and they say it is because of regulation and fines etc. becoming too much hassle. I can't find a lot of ammo available and gun makers are extremely backordered and nobody knows when they'll be able to get supply. I just wonder is this all fear of the Obama effect and HR45...or is this more involved than that? Any thoughts, or am I just getting paranoid?