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    Sep 23, 2011
    Prescott Arizona
    Seems there 2 Generals and a admiral, sitting in an Officers Club Bar arguing about who,s serviceman had the "Biggest Balls", and were the Bravest"! Well the Army General says lets go to my Army post and Ill prove the Army has the biggest balls.. They arrive at his post and he orders a corporal to stand in the middle of a road and not move! A tank rumbles down the road and runs over the corporal! Thhe Marine General says thats nothin They went to his Base and he calls out a sergeant, and orders him to pull the pin on a gernade and not to throw it till ordered . The sergeant does just that and is blown up!! The Admiral says Im not impressed and he takes the Generals to a Seabee Base, where he finds a 3rd class SeaBee, and orders him to pickup all the trash in the area , The SeaBee , Flips him the one finger salute , and says "Fu*k You"! The Admiral turns to the other two Generals, and says "Now thake takes Balls"!!!!