Century CETME Rifles

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    HI does anybody have any experience with the CENTURY cetme or garand rifles? are they junk or good guns. I know that they use new receivers and all other parts are used.

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    I bought one Cetme for resale. I have read good and bad about them. The rear sights are not very good. The finish is good but there have been problems with the trigger group/receiver fit which caused problems. The triggers are horrible. Very rough and notchy. The bolt is extremely stiff and hard to operate by hand. The gun is heavy. There is no scope mount on the receiver which means you have to buy a claw mount and they are expensive. Cheapest one I've seen is $149.00.

    As far as their Garand's.My suggestion would be to go the few extra dollars and buy one from CMP. You will be a lot happier in the long run and the gun will be easier to sell if you ever decide to do that.

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    I have one of the Century m-1 Garands and am pleased with it. I did strip the gun and cleaned it thoroughly, however. The lube that was used to assemble the rifle was stiff and making the action hang up. It works fine now.
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