cetme rifle/garand

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    HI again does anybody have any experience with both the CENTURY cetme or garand rifle. are they any good. how's the quality?

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    I am not positive but isn't that the Garand that is made out of the demilled recievers that have been welded back together? If so stay away. I would search out a Garand discussion board and get an "expert opinion"
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    Re: cetme rifle/garand

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    Actually the rewelds fall under an original receiver in safety and desireability, but, I know of several rewelds that are fine, safe weapons and have been used for several years without problems. It depends on how the reweld was done. Welded parts are stronger than the original when properly done. The Century Garands however are a different story. These are not rewelds,they are parts kits built on current production aftermarket receivers by the Century whizzos. I have only tested 1 rifle, and had several problems, and will not fire one next to my face again. I have not heard one satisfactory report on these since they first appeared.